Orange County Restoration Equipment Rental

Orange County Air Scrubber Rental




The Phoenix Air Scrubber is state of the art in the way that it performs several advanced air remediation functions simultaneously. If you are looking for a powerful air scrubber rental in Orange County give us a call today we won’t disappoint!

Orange County Air Mover Rental




Want some hardware that will move air and dry materials? Looking for a reliable rental service to rent Air Movers in Orange County? You have come to the right site! Our air movers are perfect for drying out hardwood floors and carpets in no time flat. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Orange County Water Extractor Rental




Can’t find a reliable water extractor in Orange County? We got you covered! No other water extractors on the market compare to our advanced, state of the art water extractors. We only rent out the highest of quality at the most affordable prices and we guarantee satisfaction! Your carpet and pad will be dryer than the day you bought it! Call us today!

Orange County Dehumidifier Rental




Looking to rent a dehumidifier in Orange County? Look no further! Our dehumidifiers help to ease the difficult process of drying out structural areas like reading material, wood flooring, and other valuables potentially damaged by water. Want to learn more about dehumidifiers? Check out that link!